Expected Impacts

Impacts on Maritime Industry

Efficiency: The proposed Port CDM platform will result in the reduction of administrative burden for the port authority personnel and in the better utilization of port resources such as anchorages, berths, pilots, tug boats, etc.
Safety: The establishment of the LSC is expected to increase the safety of the vessel traffic as the vessels will be aware of the traffic situation ahead of them and unwanted situations such as accidents can be prevented.
Environment Sustainability: Reducing the risk of accidents will be very beneficial in terms of environmental impact (e.g., reduce accidental spillages). The STEAM also provides real-time environmental pollution detection and monitoring within the port authority’s designated control area.

Political, Social, and Economic Impacts

  • Modernize the ports of Cyprus with new technologies and maritime services.
  • Upgrade the Port of Limassol to an information hub, exchanging information with all nearby ports and ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Establish the use of Cyprus ports as transhipment hubs for short sea shipping by improving their competitiveness in the area.
  • Increase the maritime traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean and especially through the Cyprus ports, thus stimulating economic growth of the maritime sector in Cyprus.
  • Improve the communication with other nearby countries and ports, thus reducing the cost of transporting Cypriot freight, resulting in positive effects on the Cypriot traders and consumers.
  • Enhance public engagement with marine issues and help provide greater public support and acceptance of the Blue Economy.
  • Help create new jobs for the Limassol Shore Center and other maritime services.