Limassol Shore Center

Limassol Shore Center

Aim: Establish the Limassol Shore Center (LSC) to act as a communication hub in the Eastern Mediterranean region and to provide various services to ships in order to optimize sea traffic navigation, increase maritime safety in the region, and promote and facilitate Short Sea Shipping.

Project Innovation: Establishing the Limassol Shore Center in order to implement and evaluate a set of core shore-to-vessel services. Offer new solutions and services for short sea shipping.

Key Tasks

LSC setup and operation:

  • Evolve as a part of the current Limassol VTS operations

LSC services:

  • Route cross-check, flow-management, enhanced monitoring, search and rescue

Short Sea Shipping:

  • Real-time coordination of large inbound vessels with smaller outbound ones
  • Optimized services for unloading, deconsolidation, and reloading of goods for transport to their final destinations