STEAM: Sea Traffic Management in the Eastern Mediterranean

The STEAM objective is efficiencysafetyenvironmental sustainability of sea traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean sea

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The completion of STEAM project will help establish the Port of Limassol as transshipment hubinformation hubshort sea shipping driver

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The STEAM FINAL EVENT took place with great success through Web-conferencing (recorded link) and physically at Amphitheatre 1, Tassos Papadopoulos... read more


The STEAM project is ending and the final conference is to be organized on Tuesday 28th of June 2022 from 18:00 pm... read more

MBDW 2022: Full Program

The program for the 3rd IEEE Intl. Maritime Big Data Workshop (MBDW 2022) is now online and is... read more

MBDW 2022: Keynote Speakers

We are excited to announce the keynote talks for the 3rd IEEE Intl. Maritime Big Data Workshop (MBDW 2022) from two distinguished speakers: *... read more

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