CUT-AIS: Ship Tracking Intelligence Platform

STEAM’s Ship Tracking Intelligence Platform is a web-based platform that exploits Automatic Identification System (AIS) data signals to provide meaningful representations, graphs, and data analytics to the end user. AIS is an automatic tracking/signaling system used by ships to provide their continuous position throughout the seas. Signals are sent in constant time intervals containing encoded information regarding a ship’s attributes at the given time the signal was sent. These attributes include position coordinates in latitude and longitude, speed over ground, course over ground, the vessel’s unique identification number (MMSI), and many more. The platform consumes data from three sources: (i) a base station consisting of a VHF antenna, a receiver, and a Raspberry Pi installed in the premises of Cyprus University of Technology; (ii) the AIS stream provided by the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and contains the AIS data currently consumed by the VTS station at the Port of Limassol; and (iii) base stations operated by Tototheo Maritime around the coast of Cyprus.
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CUT Environmental Monitoring

CUT Environmental Monitoring is an intelligence platform that is developed and maintained by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and enables users to access, extract, and analyze air quality, water quality and meteorological data. Data can be viewed or extracted through a table dashboard where users can make their requests on specific data that they are concerned about. Moreover, these data can also be viewed through our user-friendly live map. Finally, the platform provides a set of various graphs that present key statistics regarding the collected data. Overall, the CUT Environmental Monitoring Platform provides the ability to the end users to monitor parameters related to air and water pollution.
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Online Analytical Processing of Port Calls

One of the main purposes of data analytics is to provide meaningful insights and eventually support decision-making activities based on those insights. The backend technology used to support this feat is based on a Data Warehouse database and a multidimensional cube build on top of the Data Warehouse along with a Power BI report powered by the multidimensional OLAP cube for very fast performance. The Power BI report is composed of two dashboards. These dashboards are fully interactive and key performance indices (KPIs) can be sliced and diced per port, time-period, vessel type, origin or destination ports, and various other categories. In the first dashboard, the report user can interact with the various graphs to explore and extract information regarding port call count, predictability and punctuality regarding arrivals, departures and berthing times. In the second dashboard, significant productivity KPIs are visualized based on various filtering conditions.
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Ocean Data Interface

Cyprus Subsea Consulting & Services have built a data sharing platform for the maritime sector. In particular, one of STEAM’s primary tasks is to develop innovative technological solutions that provide real-time information regarding the state of the sea. All actors involved in marine navigation greatly value this information. Overall, STEAM’s data sharing platform increases the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of port operations. This ocean data interface displays environmental monitoring data related to various parameters.
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AISafety: Ship Monitoring and Early Warning

AISafety is a new web-based platform for monitoring and visualizing ship traffic in the general area of the Eastern Mediterranean sea using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. The key feature of the platform is generating real-time and valid warnings for incoming and outgoing ships from various areas of interest, as well as for potential ship collisions. This is achieved by implementing two different algorithms. The first one is responsible for monitoring the situation within the various areas. The user can specify the type and description of the areas so that the algorithm treats them accordingly. The second algorithm is responsible for predicting up to 15 minutes later any potential collisions between ships, while taking into consideration she ships’ position, direction, and speed.
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Perseus Maritime Data Sharing Platform

The Perseus system is a solution to interconnect any desired maritime actor to allow data sharing and collaboration, independent of the systems used by the individual participant. With limited individual adoptions, a port can connect with upstream and downstream ports, individual ships or shipping companies or other actors, within or outside the port. Perseus can be used by the existing infrastructure, e.g., a Port Community System (PCS), to empower its capabilities. The systems of the desired partners are not of relevance anymore, same as in the general Internet one user doesn’t need to care about the systems one is connecting with. As such, Perseus establishes an Internet of Maritime (IoM) by allowing inter-operability between the different involved systems following ships’ port rotation schemas – within and between ports.
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Tototheo Maritime Synergia

Inspired by the Greek word “synergeia” («συνέργεια»), TM Synergia brings together maritime data, information, systems, processes and other resources into a powerful and flexible platform designed specifically for the maritime industry. A robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which capitalizes on the dynamic and complex interactions between internal and external resources, TM Synergia provides real-time information in an easy-to-read visual format with snap-shot reporting.  Behind the scenes, the state-of-the-art platform allows machine learning and the deployment of advanced analytics to dig deeper than ever before into business operations, allowing users to see beyond the numbers and find opportunities. Connecting the dots between everything related to fleet and voyage management, TM Synergia helps users to gain new insight, make better-informed decisions, and optimize their business.
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