STEAM Advisory Board

Michael Bergmann (Owner, Executive Advisor, BM Bergmann-Marine)

Michael Bergmann is the owner and Executive Advisor at BM Bergmann-Marine, Maritime Consultants and Advisory Agency. Since 2004 he has been working closely with international organizations in the maritime sector, like IHO, IMO (United Nations), CIRM, IEC, IALA, and others. In this capacity, Bergmann aims to contribute to the safety of life at sea by bringing in experience from all fields (technology as well as aviation) to the meetings with high-rank representatives, mainly from governments around the globe.

Trond Andersen (Operational Advisor, Marine, at NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies))

Trond Andersen is an Operational Advisor, Marine, at NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies). He pursued a career at sea on a shuttle tanker in the merchant fleet for almost ten years, operating mostly in the North Sea, Baltic, and the countries along the English Channel. He also previously worked as head of the Maritime Department (Harbour Master), at the Port of Stavanger from February 2015 to July 2019.


Albert Gonzalez (Head of IT Management Services, Barcelona Port Authority)

Albert Gonzalez is the Head of IT Management Services at the Barcelona Port Authority. He is responsible for all IT development within the port authority and initiatives that encompasses the Port of Barcelona cluster.

José Andrés Giménez Maldonado (Energy in Ports and Safety Director, Valenciaport Foundation)

José Andrés Giménez Maldonado is the Energy in Ports and Safety Director at the Valenciaport Foundation developing research, innovation, cooperation and consultancy projects that are focused on the port-logistic and maritime transport fields, with the purpose of increasing the innovation capabilities and competitiveness of the Port of Valencia and its associated port cluster.

Anders Johannesson (Senior Adviser, VTS and Shore Centers, Swedish Maritime Administration)

Anders Johannesson has been working in the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) since 1995, specializing in VTS both as VTS Operator and as Chief Instructor for Swedish national VTS Training. Since 2017, Anders is working full time in SMA’s Research and Innovations Department with the VTS and Shore Center Parts of the different STM Projects.

Robert Ward (Independent Consultant, Hydrographic Advisor)

Until 2017 he was the Secretary-General of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). Prior to that, he was the Deputy Hydrographer of Australia. He has significant seagoing experience including in command and a long history of involvement in policy development in the IHO, IMO and IALA related to the e-Navigation concept, the underpinning S-100 digital data transfer standard as well as the consideration of geospatial information management.

Gadi Benmoshe (Chief Information Officer at Israel Ports Development & Assets Company - IPC)

Gadi Benmoshe is Chief Information Officer at Israel Ports Development & Assets Company (IPC). IPC is responsible for the development of Israel’s commercial seaports, including the construction of two new container terminals in Haifa and Ashdod and the Israeli Port Community system (IPCS). IPCS introduced several advanced digital solutions to the Israeli maritime trade community, for which IPC received a number of IT awards from the International Association of Ports and Harbors. Benmoshe is a member of the World Economic Forum and UN blockchain expert groups and leads the International Ports Community System Association Blockchain Bill of Lading initiative. Benmoshe holds a B.A. in computer science as well as M.B.A. He joined the IPC in 2007 and has held several positions in the company’s IT Department as manager of maritime community applications, manager of IT infrastructure and security and has also served on the company’s board of directors.