New Technologies for the Maritime Sector

New Technologies

Aim: Incorporate innovative technological solutions (e.g., AIS, buoys, UAVs) to the Maritime sector for providing real-time information related to ship movements, the environment, and the tracking of cargo.

Project Innovation: Innovative technological solutions for providing real-time information and services related to ship movements, the environment and the tracking of cargo.

Key Tasks

AIS data collection and integration:

  • Integrate AIS data from existing and new stations
  • Collect AIS data from smaller vessels moving in the area

Environmental monitoring data:

  • Collect and integrate environmental monitoring data from existing sources and new sensors on buoys/UAVs

Real-time tracking of cargo:

  • Implement a system for real-time tracking of cargo in the port
  • Interface with existing systems for extracting and investigate new technological solutions (e.g., RFID tags) as necessary.